Heather "Smith" - YXL Northeast Director of Student Consternation and Lamentation (She makes people cry by using Hula Hoops) - Heather likes unicorns...especially rainbow unicorns.  She also loves to torture people with hula hoops.  Until she provides a better bio, this is going to stay up.  We don't actually believe she is married.  We are fairly certain she paid a model to pose for pictures so she could get people off her back.  There wasn't really a wedding.  Now she claims "Dave" is "in the military" which is why he is gone all the time and never comes to visit us at YXL.  Once "they" came to within 200 yards of my house, but conveniently didn't know they were that close so I couldn't meet him and verify his existence.  Heather also thinks she can dance and rap.  Ask her to perform the Fresh Prince theme or demonstrate a line dance.  You will thank me.  That is all.
Heather in her "normal" state
Here is what we think "Dave" really looks like!