Our Story

In the fall of 2009 a small group of youth pastors and youth leaders came together to talk about the possibility of bringing the Youth Excelling in Leadership conference to the Northeast.  These leaders had seen the impact and potential of YXL through their experiences at the original YXL conference in Lookout Mountain, Georgia.  While the impact and benefit of YXL were clear, the logistics were problematic.  After all, Georgia is a LONG way from the Northeast.  As this group of committed leaders met and prayed, the question arose: "why couldn't we do YXL in the northeast for students up here?"  From these prayer meetings, YXL Northeast was born.


Planning for the inaugural YXL Northeast began.  Everything had to be thought through from the ground up.  We didn't even have a location!  In the summer of 2010, all the prayer and planning came together and the first YXL Northeast conference was held.  That summer, 35 students and adults came together at Refreshing Mountain Camp in Ephrata, PA.  It was an intense week of leadership development and spiritual growth.  By the end of the week, it was clear that the leadership team had stumbled onto something unique and special.


Each year since our beginning, YXL Northeast has experienced growth and development, both in terms of numerical growth and in terms of leadership development.  After YXL 2013, it became clear that YXL Northeast was quickly out-growing our home at Refreshing Mountain.  The team started the job of praying and seeking a new home for YXL Northeast in 2014.  That search led to our present home at Kenbrook Bible Camp in Lebanon, PA.


During our years, we have had the privilege of interacting with, learning from, and developing student leaders from as far away as Illinois, New Jersey, Florida and almost everywhere in between!  We love the opportunities to meet new students from new parts of the country, but we especially love the relationships built with returning churches as they send youth back to YXL Northeast on a consistent basis.  It is such a joy to see the growth and development of these student leaders year after year.  We are a family here at YXL Northeast; every year our family expands as new students experience YXL Northeast.


We praise God for all He has done in the lives of so many students and adults as a result of their participation in YXL Northeast.  To Him be all the glory and the praise!