2018 Conference
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YXL Northeast 2018 will be held July 8-13, 2018 at Kenbrook Bible Camp in Lebanon, PA.


Our theme this year will be "Upside-down Kingdom"  Our main speaker will be Brent Kilman, RUF Pastor at Rowan University in New Jersey.  Brent is a former member of the planning team and we are super excited to have him back with us this summer!  He will be leading us through the Sermon on the Mount as we look at what makes the church unique and what we have to offer the world.  We hope to come away with a better appreciation for the way God has called and equipped His church to meet the needs of the world today.


What can you expect at YXL Northeast?  The unexpected!


YXL is designed to be an intensive conference for leadership development.  As such, every aspect of the week is leveraged to create leadership learning opportunities.  Students can expect to have their presuppositions challenged, their faith stretched and their comfort bubbles popped.  Whether it is an activity with a twist, a Bible study that cuts to the quick, or a conversation that empowers, the only things that student leaders can expect are the unexpected and that God will grow their faith if they allow Him to work!  While the week is challenging, it is also full of fun.  We are a family at Northeast and you'll quickly see why.  Family group discussions provide opportunities for evaluation and reflection as well as create a space safe for building trust and going deep.


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